Christmas Tea (NM) - Why December is the Best Month

December is the best month, no arguments about it! 

A little picture from last year when the forge was
covered in a blanket of white.
It's cosy, festive and happy. The only three words that can be used to describe December. This post is going to be justifying why December is the best month! Yet let's be honest, this doesn't need to be justified much because it is the best month!

Family - This is the top reason as to why December is the best month, it's the month of festive activities which is an excuse to share as much time as humanly possible with family and loved ones. December usually brings with it family that live quite far and are not always around.

Winter clothing - Cosy jumpers, boots, hats and coats! Its basically new wardrobe season with a few pieces that are dug out every year because they're comfy and cosy. Not to mention all the new Christmas Pj's and how it is now even more acceptable to stay cosied up indoors with the tv on and wearing the fluffiest pj's.

Snow - Its wet and horrible but oh man is it pretty! There is nothing more festive than sitting in all cosy and warm with a cup of hot chocolate and it starts snowing. The most exciting thing is when it begins to lay and you just know that a snow day is coming!

Christmas  - Not only is Christmas my favourite holiday its the most family orientated holiday. I love every chance I can get to spend extra time with my fam! Being away for uni I've found that I tend to enjoy it and value it a lot more.

Much Love, 
Niamh X

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