Christmas Tea (NM) - Suits, suits and more suits

The Suits are never ending!!

For today's Blogmas post I'm doing another Harry Styles No Tea, No Shade, the number of suits he has is never ending! From glittery to metallic, plain to pattered! There's a new one for every show!!

If you haven't seen any of the other Harry Styles No Tea, No Shade here they all are!

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San Jose saw Styles clad in a bright blue floral number, it might even be under the tropical print category! I'm not too sure on this print if I'm going, to be honest, yet Styles seems to pull this pattern completely off. He looks so good! How he does it is a mystery! The colours have got to be the only thing going for this suit in my eyes... The pale blue background with bright orange and blue flowers and added palm leaves intertwined with the pattern all compliment each other. In some images, it appears that there is piping down the trouser leg and around the edges of the blazer and the pocket opening, as much as I'm not the biggest fan of the suit I feel like the piping finish it off perfectly. Of course, Styles finished off the outfit with a white button down, nearly all the way open, and a pair of black patent leather boots.

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A less bold and bright suit from Styles' reputation for night one in New York. A completely monotone and pretty plain pattern yet it still manages to look luxurious and extra when Styles is running up and down the stage and showing the crowd his crazy dance moves. I was about to say that the trousers were the staple of this outfit but on second thoughts the jacket is as much of a staple as the extra wide leg trousers. The oversize lapel and the wide leg seem to balance each other out and compliment Styles' heigh and frame. The monochrome suit is completed with a black shirt buttoned right to the top, surprisingly, and of course same black boots.

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Ahhh, Styles went back to his roots with contrasting shirt and trousers for Detroit. The wite wide leg pants have LOVE embroidered in red on the bottom of the leg, the red adds a pop of bold colour to the outfit all be it a tiny element but it still adds that little tiny bit of red. The shirt appears to be a light glittery material that hangs perfectly on Styles' frame

I'm a little rusty on the No Tea, No Shade front but I hope you enjoyed this post never the less!

Much Love, 
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