Christmas Tea (NM) - The Only Celebrity to Pull off Chav Attire

Louis Tomlinson: The only celebrity to pull off chav attire

This picture is from Tomlinson's Instagram which can be found below
Chavs are usually seen to not have a lot of money and to be not well dressed yet Louis Tomlinson is the complete opposite of both these things.

 He tends to style his clothing a lot like a chav would yet the brands he uses are upper class and tend to be designer.

His most iconic looks include sweatshirts and joggers or t-shirt and jeans. Every so often you will see Tomlinson branch out a little and wear a button up shirt and jeans.

Throughout this post, I'm going to be taking some of Tomlinson's most iconic and most recognisable outfits and say a little bit about each one and why I picked the ones I have.

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This is one of Tomlinson's most iconic XFactor looks, it's a little bit smarter and formal than what his everyday outfits are. This shirt is a piece from Burberry's vintage collection, the classic Burberry print on the shirt acts as a statement piece. Tomlinson keeps his love for sports clothing and the chav style by adding some trainers to this outfit.

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This outfit shows Tomlinson back to his routes with sports attire. This could quite possibly be Tomlinson's most put together outfit, the stripes on the top and the bottoms compliment each other yet the outfit doesn't fit in with the backdrop which makes this image a lot more interesting. The addition of the cigarette adds to Tomlinson's chav vibe.

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This throwback post on Tomlinson's Instagram shows that Tomlinson has always stuck to his routes even at the height of fame. Tomlinson seems to always give off the cosy and comfy vibes no matter where he is or what he is doing which is something I would much rather be doing that constantly wearing jeans and being a little uncomfortable all day. 

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