Flat White (OV) - I'm not sure what to title this - October (2018)

Not much has happened in October; stupid amounts of rain, cold, getting my name on the board on the gym and getting a car is about as far as this month goes.  Oh and halloween, but this is my monthly overlook of the month previous.

Hopefully not a boring one,

I have been so busy with uni and work and the show I run, doing errands and trying to go to the gym as much as I can.  One thing I can recommend is definitely don't grow up.

The little free time I do get is now spent watching either Joe Rogan, Philip Defranco or True Geordie.  I don't regret any of it.  Earlier in the month I started watching House of Cards, and honestly, I loved it, it was amazing.  Just up till I fell asleep and it played for another however many episodes and I can't remember where I was up to.

Ive been asked to help out on a charity event.  I mentioned it in my previous post, if you haven't already go give it a read!
But at Spark (the radio station I produce for) I was asked if I want to help out and try to raise some money to help children who's family cant afford to buy things such as advent calendars around Christmas time.  Maybe not the biggest change in the world, but a small deed to brighten the day of hopefully a large amount of children.

Halloween, a lot like Christmas now, isn't the same as when I was younger, now it's an excuse to get drunk and I want to do a Ouija board.  Of course not on my own in my house, but a proper one, with people who I can trust.

October has been pretty boring and hectic but I haven't got much done.  And all that I have done I've spoke about in previous posts.  So, here's to the most random and boring end of the month post I have done so far!

Thank you for reading, 
Owen Valente

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