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I'm super proud of this picture, I don't know why... I just feel like its pleasing to look at? 
Good morning!! This mornings post is all about skin care! Specifically my favourite things for winter skin care. Lately, my skin and I have had the best relationship and seem to be finally working things out!

I would love some feedback on my recent blog pictures... I feel like just having one plain picture that is sometimes not related to the post at all makes my post a lot more mature and professional over the 'title photographs' I used to use.

I feel like I haven't had a good old chit chat with you all in ages so I would love if we could have a little chat in the comments. Comment your favourite skincare brand.

Kind & Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - While I wouldn't class my skin as overly sensitive, most eye makeup removers seem to irritate my eyes and make around them sore and red and leaves a greasy residue on my skin. While this fragrance, colour and alcohol-free eye makeup remover doesn't irritate more eyes or leave a greasy residue. I use waterproof mascara a lot and it has no trouble removing it. I would recommend this eye makeup remover to everyone! I use this for my full face and not just my eyes and it seems to work to take all my make up off before I get in the shower and use a face wash.

Deep Action Spot Clearing Body Spritz - This has done absolute wonders for my visible acne, I could see a difference after the first time I used it! This is meant to be used for body ance and sprayed directly to the skin yet I use it as a toner. I spray a few sprays onto a cotton pad and rub it over my face. I would not recommend this for sensitive skin as it is very intense and does tend to make my skin a little dry. Although it does make my skin a little dryer than normal I have very oily skin so this is not too much of a problem to me.

Teen Skin Fix Spot Zap - I've had this the longest time and use it on and off, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I find that I see a visible difference when I have a hormonal breakout rather than stress spots or spots caused by what I'm eating.

Cocoa Butter Body Lotion - This moisturiser is very heavy, if not too heavy, for the face yet with using the body spritz on my face and the cold weather I'm in need of something heavy. I tend to only use this on a night and the days I don't wear make-up as this is far too heavy for under make-up.

Much Love, 
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