Afternoon Tea (NM) - Thoughts of a Self-Diagnosed Stationary Addict

This post is something a little different to normal. I am a self-diagnosed stationary addict. I don't know how to stop. Throughout the past week, I've been collecting some of my thoughts into a little blog post.

"This notebook would look cute on my desk, it's too pretty to write in"

"Maybe £3 for one unicorn pen isn't too much..."

"I need another set of pastel highlighters just in case they discontinue them or I run out"

"Oh! These pens come in loads of colours! I need them all"

"I just got a new set of pens so I'm going to write my name over and over again in every colour"

"I don't need to write another to-do list but I just got a new pen"

"Ooohhh this is a nice writer"

This post is just a short post for a bit of fun as I have quite a few deadlines at the minute but I'm still wanting something to go up on Grab A Cuppa.

Much Love, 
Niamh X

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