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I spend last Sunday reading about Photojournalism
It seems like I've unintentionally written a week of Afternoon Tea posts, oops. To finish off the week I thought I would do a little library essentials list. I spend quite a bit of my time in the uni library as this is really the only place that I tend to get enough work done and focus solely on the task at hand. I struggle in the flat and find everything a distraction, right now while I'm writing this I'm in the library writing some posts while Jess gets some of her assignments done. I wouldn't normally come to the library to do blog things since I still want blogging to feel like a hobby and a creative outlet and not work but Jess was coming and I felt like I was going crazy in my room so I came to get out for a few hours and not be locked up in my room all day.

Snacks - lots of snacks! Vending machines are really expensive and so is the cafe for food. Depending what time you come or what day you're there the cafe will be shut so it will be impossible to get anything substantial to eat and will end up spending a tenner in the vending machine and eating chocolate and crisps all day. It's not good! A good easy option is either cold pasta or a sandwich with a few treats like a bar of chocolate and a bag of crisps. Honestly, this is at the top of the list because this is the most important! Snacks really do help productivity. 

Refillable water bottle - most libraries have water stations so bringing a refillable water bottle will save some money while also keeping you hydrated. If you're fussy like me I bring an old water bottle filled with non-diluted juice and then make juice in my water bottle while I'm here. 

Headphones - pretty self-explanatory, although its a library when it's busy it is far from quiet so headphones also help me stay in the zone and not let my nosiness distract me.  

Chargers - I can't think of how many times I've left my phone charger or laptop charger at home and its ruined all productive vibes I have! Even worse, getting to the library only to find out your wireless headphones are dead! So this is a really big one also, REMEMBER ANY CHARGER YOU MIGHT POSSIBLY NEED KIDS!

Emergency snack money - If all fails with the pre-prepared snacks and you've eaten them all in the first few hours... Yes, I'm speaking from experience! Then emergency snack money is always there to help you out! A few pounds in coins in the back of your purse for when you're slightly delirious and coming up to your third break down of the night will be your lifesaver. If you have yet to experience a solid 13+ hours in the library count yourself lucky! 

All needed work - I've left important work at home so so many times and had to drag all my stuff back on the bus and then wait for the next bus back! Before I know it an hour has passed and I'm still not at the library! I've started making a list of the things I want to achieve with a few extra things if I have the time the night before and packing my bag as I go. Having enough time to check your bag before you leave the house as a final check always helps too. 

Diary - This is for the people that are like me and use a paper diary. I usually always have it in my bag but when I'm planning my week or next day sat at my desk I've left it there a few times, then I feel like I'm confused and off plan for the whole time I'm at the library because I'm trying to remember when deadlines are, what to prioritise, what was on my to-do list while still focusing on my work. If you're a student and don't use an academic diary it would be something that I highly recommend. If a post on how I use my diary and how I plan is something you would like to see feel free to comment below! 

Pens and pencils - In a pretty much digital world, it can be easy to forget pens and pencils. Even though I do all my notes on my laptop I still find I end up needing a pen or pencil while I'm in the library. I've started just leaving a few at the bottom of my handbag so I know that they're always there. 

Emergency tampons/pads - The bag I use for the library doesn't have a zip pockets, it's literally just a huge bucket bag, so its not one of those bags where you always have rouge tampons or pads in a zip pocket so I've been caught out in the library with an unexpected period and didn't have a clue what to do other than just go home... I've now started keeping an emergency pad in the back of my diary or in my purse because pads are the easiest to put inside books or a purse

Bobbles -  I always, always have my hair down, I have that much of it that it just gives me a migraine if I have it in a bobble all day. Yet doing work with my hair down can be a right pain, it gets in the way and is just annoying so I always keep a few spare bobbles around my water bottle. 

hoodie with a t-shirt under - This one is a weird one... the library can either be freezing or boiling when it starts getting cold so I tend to wear a t-shirt and a hoodie so I have layers that I can add and take away

Much Love, 
Niamh X

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