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After much debate, I have decided to upload the art review I was speaking about in Monday's post before my feedback to see what your opinions are on it and if reviews are something that you would like to see more of.

I want to put our a little apology for the fact that I have uploaded two reviews one after the other but I'm wanting to get a bit of practice in before I have to hand one in to be graded. This week I'm also starting to write for the uni news blog type thing so I'm excited for that.

Dan Holdsworth explores the "extreme" territories that characterise humans' changing relationships to the natural world in his latest exhibition at Sunderland's National Glass Centre.

The exhibition has been in the making for more than five years as Dan Holdsworth works closely with academic geologists to map the exact contours of Alpine glaciers and rock formations. The use of drones, lasers, photography and high-end software helps create this memorising piece of art. This exhibition is made up of millions of points marked in spake, all paced to perfection and not even a millimetre out, to document the contours of the rapidly changing landscape

Dan Holdworth captures the viciousness and elegance of a snowstorm in the middle of a harsh winter with the use of a black background and contrasting white dots that are pieced together creating a slow-moving image with twists and turns. the slow-moving nature of this exhibition creates a relaxing aura not only within the images but throughout the while room, this is exaggerated with the dim lights that slightly illuminates the exhibition room.

The exhibition can also be related to global warming, the first screen is filled with mountain or iceberg like images while the second screen is filled with swirls and soft images a lot like water or melting ice.

Standing in a room full of people I expected to be distracted and aware of the crowd, yet the art work was so captivating that I could no longer sense or see the people around me. I couldn't take my eyes off the entrancing images that were swilling around the screens in from of me. Leaving the exhibitions, I felt relaxed and a sense of peace within myself.

This exhibition is running until the 6th of January 2019 so there is still plenty of time to see the work of Dan Holdsworth and is completely free!

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