Irish (OV) - The Pros and Cons of University

I have used this photo many times for this blog, but, this photo was taken just outside of my uni.  So it's an excuse to use it again.  
The pros and cons of uni 

      Pros - 

Meeting new people 

I think in uni I've made some amazing friends and met amazing people because of it.  

Learn and educate yourself on something you love 

Honestly, I love the course I'm doing and furthering my understanding on the subject, it might be annoying and stressful and cost a lot.  But its so worth it.  

The sense of accomplishment when you hand an essay in 

A huge weight always lifted off your shoulders when something finally gets done 

My campus has a Starbucks

Can't beat a good caramel frap.

One step further into the career I want 

It might take: stress, hard work, dedication and a few all nighters.  But (hopefully) when I get my first piece of writing published at Vogue; it will all be worth it.

     Cons -

9am lectures 

I don't think I even need to explain this one. 

Meeting new peopl

Does anyone actually like doing that?

Actually doing the work and essays given to you

I always leave it till the last week, but, I still have to do them and they can be pretty annoying and hard.  Can I not just have my degree now?

It can cost, a lot.

Maybe I'll never see the money, maybe it may never affect me.  But if I am to pay It all back.  It's quite a lot.  


This may be my own fault, but, it takes a 45 minute commute, which includes a half an hour walk before and after uni.  I can't wait to drive.

Thank you for reading, 
Owen Valente. 

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