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Juggling everything has always been something I have struggled with however I feel like I'm slowly getting better and so far this semester everything seems to be going okay and I'm not too overwhelmed with everything. I feel like I'm managing to stay active on all my socials, have enough posts scheduled to not panic about not writing every day and spend time on uni work to not fall behind.

What You Need:

- A Diary combined with pretty pens and too many post-its notes
- A good sleeping schedule
- Plenty of water
- Motivation
- Willpower
- Dedication

My Advice In Full:

Juggling everything wether that be uni, blogging, a social life and still getting enough sleep or just juggling a busy week in general I'm hoping this advice will help you to do that!

A Diary:
I feel like this is a must in everyones life, even if you feel as though your life isn't that busy. A diary will help you to keep track of everything and where you should be at what time. I use my diary as my lifeline! 
Some of the things I include are:
- lectures
- dates
- deadlines
- to do lists

A good sleeping pattern is probably the most important thing for successfully juggling lost of things in your life. It can be exhausting having so many commitments, getting a good nights sleep will stop you from being grumpy and stressed during the day. Try sleeping a little earlier than usual if you feel like you are tired, it is difficult to push your sleeping pattern back hours at a time but pushing it back just half an hour a week will help you to bring the time you sleep forward.

Water, Motivation, Willpower and Dedication:
Water is brain food and will help you focus and not get migraines. The motivation, willpower and dedication is all down to you and can only come with practice. I don't think any of this advice will work if you don't have to motivation, willpower and dedication to do it for yourself. 

Much Love, 
Niamh X

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