Flat White (OV) - Why I Started Blogging

In early 2018, I started blogging, this was to try and get my foot in the door of the world of journalism.  I love writing, but I never expected myself to.  I only started to see what the fuss was all about.  Why a lot of people at uni do it.  I have always had the ideology of making something and creating content but I never would have expected to get so much enjoyment out of writing.  I tried it, after being recommended it, and it being mentioned a lot.  Everything has really fit together well.  Aspiring to write for a magazine now, life has put its pieces together in a way I never expected yet think will work out great.   I went through months of not posting or not even thinking about writing; 6 months later, I write everyday.  I'm not sure what I would do if I didn't blog, it opens you up to so many different topics and reading a lot more.  
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Owen Valente

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Probably turning out to be one of the shortest posts I have wrote so far; never the less it counts.

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