Black (OV) - 3 favourite photographs I have taken.

These three photographs were taken by me, and my amateur photography skills.  I have taken a massive break on photography; due to: the commute, weather and finding the time. I have used these as pieces I put on my older blog posts, just to add some visual aspects.

Despite that, these are my 3 favourite photographs I have taken.

January 14th 2018, on the first Sunday I had off work in almost a year, my family decided to go for a walk through a forest.  I thought it would be a good idea to try and get some pictures similar to this one.  Now my laptop is full of an array of photographs of trees and overexposed backgrounds.  It was my first time using my camera I bought with my student loan, in my first year of uni.  Me, being me, I didn't want to get taught to use a camera, so the results of 90% of the photos from the day are over or under exposed massively.   

I took these photos on a very cold winter morning, January 19th 2018 to be exact.  To make sure I got up for the sunrise I stayed up all night and anticipated going out at 6am to get the first bus to got to the beach.  Despite being so cold, tired, becoming ill and hungry; I'm so glad that I did.  

Equally loving these pictures, and narrowing it down from a lot more that I have took and are proud of.  But the aspects of sunlight makes me gravitate towards these three, I like how each photo the main focus is regarding the sun and the surrounding objects, being trees, people and the pier.  Another main aspect of these I love is the rule of 3 which is seen quite a lot in these three and the rest of my photography as well.  They opened me up to further my love of creating, I have took a massive break away from photography and videography.  Remembering how much pleasure the art gave me, I need to get back into it.  

Thank you for reading,
Owen Valente. 

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