Afternoon Tea (NM) - October Goals and Aims

So I'm going to start this post off by letting you all into a little secret... I'm currently that motivated to write blog posts that I am writing a month in advance, yes me little old Niamh who literally never has her shit together is writing this post the beginning of September! I worked my arse off the last 2 or 3 weeks of August to get all of Septembers posts so that when uni comes back around I'm wasn't going to be stressing about having to write 3 posts a week. So far so good. I haven't had any goals and aims for September since I'm not sure how active and everything I'm going to be at the beginning of uni.

After a crazy long intro lets get to it!


I'm going to start off with my personal goals as for me at the moment these goals are the most important. 

- Make time for me
- Plan at least a day in advance with my daily planner
- Say yes but also say no
- Drink plenty of water
- Walk at least 10,000 steps a day
- Ring family at least twice a week
- Limit my time to 8 Hours on social media (including YouTube)
- Watch one episode of a TV programme I'm watching or film


I feel like after my personal goals Uni comes next since I'm now a month into uni. I can no longer prioritise my blog over uni things.

- Look at lecture slides before my lectures if possible 
- Keep my desk tidy
- Pack my bag the night before 
- Write useable notes in lectures
- Keep notes and handouts neat and easy to find
- Don't let my attendance drop below 85% for each module 
- Ask questions 
- Don't leave everything until the last minute

Blogging and Magazine:

As much as I hate it my blog and dream of owning my own magazine is going to be taking the last place of priorities.

- Keep at least 9 blog posts scheduled at one time 
- Post at least one picture on Instagram a day 
- Be active every day on Twitter
- Write down every blog post idea I have 
- Begin to sketch some idea for a magazine
- Make a vision board for a magazine 
- Keep all my magazine ideas in one place
- Get opinions on blog posts and magazine ideas

I haven't set strict numbers for the majority of my posts as I feel like this discourages me. A lot of my goals and aims are just little reminders of things to do throughout this month to make my life a little easier and run a little smoother. I will be doing weekly check-ins on my Twitter.

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