Afternoon Tea (NM) - Men Wearing Make-up

Last week for Essential Journalism, my favourite lecture, we had to write and opinion piece. I'm going to be honest, this was something I struggled with, I don't really have any strong opinions on social or political matters. However, I wrote about men wearing make-up being socially acceptable. This isn't my best work but never the less I wanted to share it. 
a little picture of my train ride back up to uni from my weekend home 
Should men wearing make-up be socially accepted? In my opinion this shouldn't even be up for debate, each individual should have the option to express themselves in whichever way they want. As long as it's legal...

Although men wearing make-up is accepted within the beauty community on YouTube it is still yet to be accepted as such anywhere else. Why is it that men wearing full glam face of make-up or even just foundation is seen as different from any female wearing make-up? I have to option to express myself through make-up artistry and completely change the way I look daily yet it would be frowned upon for a male to do such a thing.

Even though it is socially acceptable for me to paint my eyelids with glitter and my lips with different colours each day that doesn't mean there isn't bad opinions around this. It is said that females who enjoy the art form of make-up to be 'full of themselves' or to be 'too focused on what they look like'.

Make-up can increase my confidence by hiding my imperfections, some days all it takes is as little as some concealer over the dark circles under my eyes and foundation over blemishes to make me feel more confident within myself. This style of make-up is not noticeable and is not in your face. It is, dare I say it? Natural. It takes no more than a few minutes yet it makes the world of a difference to my confidence and general mood. Men should be able to experience this. Men should have to option to wear natural make-up to cover dark circles or blemishes just like I do each morning. Men should not have to hide if they already do this, they should no have to worry all day that the small amount of make-up they are wearing could begin to come off and expose the fact that they have make-up on.

men wearing make-up is accepted in certain smaller social groups such as amongst Drag Queens yet it is not accepted widely or generally. Drag Queens see make-up as an art form and even have a steady income from this. 

This is far from finished and I don't really know how to round this piece up into a nice ending. I'm currently waiting for feedback on it and some advice on how to finish it off so please bare with me! I'm starting to publish a lot more writing that I haven't planned on writing but more that I have been put on the spot to write. Uni is pushing my out of my comfort zone when it comes to writing and I'm really enjoying it and I hope you are liking the various types of writing that are not being publish on Grab A Cuppa. 

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