Afternoon Tea (NM) - 15th - 21st Round-Up

I'm a music freak, a lot like everyone in my generation! When I heard about a week or so ago I knew I had to share it with you all! I'm thinking of doing a little weekly round-up to see if my listening habits change that much from a weekly basis! So this week is my first week, I hope you enjoy it!

Top Artist:
Shawn Mendes
I'm not even surprised by this... I'm obsessed!!

Top Track:
Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
This one, however, I am completely surprised about! I love this song but don't think I have been listening to it that much...

Most Active Hour & Streaming:
My most active hour is 4:00pm, this tending to be the time I'm chilling in my room tidying up or doing work which makes sense for this to be my most active hour.
Since the 12th I have streamed 1,421 minutes, these figures are based on 400 of my most recent streams since the 12th of October

Energy, Danceability and Tempo:
68% of my tracks are energetic, the tracks that are suggested are:
- Snitches And Talkers Get Stitches And Walkers - Fall Out Boy
- Fast In My Car - Paramore
These two suggestions are surprising to me, I can't remember the last time I listened to either of these artists never mind the sings it suggests!

36% of my tracks are danceable, the tracks suggested are:
- Queen - Shawn Mendes
- Strip That Down - Liam Payne
Now, these two songs I can understand! I absolutely love these songs for the days I want to have a little spring in my step! Usually, a Friday when I know I'm going out that night.

My average beats per minute are 120! The tracks that it suggests are:
- About A Girl - The Academy Is...
- Almost There - Heart In Hand
Truth be told, I have never even heard of these songs but I have given them a little listen and so far they sound good! I've added them to my library. I wonder if they make an appearance next week!

I hope you have enjoyed this and it is something for all you music geeks out there! Come back next Sunday at 6PM for next weeks update!

Much Love, 
Niamh X

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