Afternoon Tea (NM) - A Cuppa and Dressing Gown Day

Autumn brought with it the cooler weather, falling leaves, wind, rain and just everything I love to be honest with you. I dug out my dressing gown long before Autumn was here but today's post is all about the perfect dressing gown and cuppa day! Whether you are a mamma, student, working hard or just in need of a little self-care a cosy Autumn day is perfect for you.
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I'm going to start off by saying the only way to have the perfect cosy Autumn day is to put on your biggest and fluffiest dressing gown and a giant cuppa! A cosy Autumn day isn't cosy if a dressing gown and cuppas aren't involved! Now that's cleared up let us see what the less important things that you need are!

A cosy Autumn day can be anything you make it, a film marathon day, hot chocolate and baking with your friends, a journaling/planning day or even reading a book and watching the rain. This post is going to be a little bit longer as I thought I would break down each suggestion into its own little heading.

Film Marathon Day:

This would be my first choice if I've had a long week at uni and I'm in need of some me time not really thinking about anything. The things I would suggest are...

- Blankets and fluffy socks 
- Crisps, popcorn, sweets and chocolate
- Netflix, DisneyLife or even your favourite DVDs
- Lots of pillows and cushions 
- A cuddle buddy if you have one

Baking Day:

This is my favourite thing to do when the cold weather starts to hit us full force. It's also perfect if you and your flatmates or even friends have had a busy busy week with not much time to catch up or speak to each other. The main things I would suggest are...

- Ingredients for baking your favourite cake or brownies
- Music
- Board games 
- Maybe a little bit of alcohol is ya feeling fancy 
- Lazy clothes 

Journaling/ Planning Day:

I feel like these days are perfect for students and mamma's or even when life is a bit hectic and you need to get everything down. I feel like this is going to be a big list of suggestions...

- A notebook/ diary (new or one you are currently using)
- Coloured pens
- Stickers
- Washi tape
- Post-it notes
- Paper clips
- Pencils
- Relaxing music 
- A comfy spot such as a desk with a nice comfy chair filled with lots of pillows and blankets

Reading a Book with the Rain:

This is one of my favourite things to do when I have had a pretty chilled out week at uni when I'm not reading lots and can actually sit down to enjoy reading again. This little list is probably going to be the shortest...

- A book of your choice
- Pencil or highlighters if you annotate books
- Blankets
- Candles
- A cosy spot near a window if it's raining so you can watch or listen to the rain outside

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