No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Harry Styles

My Harry Styles obsession is still going strong, being entirely honest I think its even getting worse! It all started with One Direction then his first album came (and now I never want One Direction back) then finally his massive suit collection became known and now there is no going back!
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Disclaimer: This post is going to consist of too much fangirling over Harry Styles! All the images used do not belong to me and have been taken from Pinterest, all the links to the source of the images are in the description of each image.

Floral Pink Number in Dallas (05/06/18)

Image 1, Image 2Image 3, Image 4Image 5, Image 6 and background

For starters can we please just take a moment to appreciate how expensive and luxurious this suit looks! The buttons, embroidery and the fit; everything! It just looks so so extravagant. 

I have chosen this as the first suit to look at as I don't think I have ever seen anyone who looks this good in pink. His skin tone and dark features work so well with this colour. Although I associate this colour with being delicate and innocent I feel like it contrasts so well with the edgy vibes that Styles' tattoos and rings give off.

In the images 5 and 6, you can see that Styles has paired this suit with a white shirt and his infamous cross necklace. These two elements add to the innocent and delicate vibe that the colour of this suit gives off.

Sparkles in London (11/04/18)

Image 1Image 2Image 3Image 4Image 5Image 6 and background
This suit has got to be one of my favourites, if not my ultimate favourite when it comes to the archives of Harry Styles' suits. Let's be honest, what's not to love about pink and gold sparkles with a contrasting black. 

The cut of the blazer accentuates Styles' height while the over the top gold details make it the focal point of the whole outfit. The silk and glitter/ metallic seem to work well together and compliment each other without taking away from each other.

The trousers are basic and plain compared to the blazer which I feel was for the best. In image 5 you can clearly see that the trousers have a glitter stripe down the side to tie it in with the blazer. I love love love these trousers and need a pair myself!!

I hope you enjoy this post and the struggle wasn't too obvious. I don't know why I'm struggling to write No Tea, No Shade posts lately. I just feel like I ramble on about the same things in each post and they begin to get boring...

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