Iced Latte (OV) - September (2018) Playlist

I've been wanting to start a series each month of my favourite songs through that month.  5 songs that I couldn't stop listening to.  I'll link each one at the bottom if you would like to listen yourself.  September has been quite a chill month, I've listened to a lot of acoustic and live music.  I enjoyed a lot of slower music too.

To start, I think one of my favourite songs of all time, is Bon Iver's cover of Bonnie Raitt's 'I can't make you love me'.  This song is known by everyone, every singer has their own cover of it.  I equally love the cover Adele done; but nothing can compare to Justin's (singer and frontman of Bon Iver) raw passion and piano in the background.  The iconic yellow hat in the video reminds me that I need to listen to it again.

secondly, another cover.  This one is only a couple minutes long but the cover of Stevie wonder's, 'Isn't she lovely' covered by Mac Miller.   Another piano piece, filled with a lot of raw emotion.  You can feel so much passion and emotion; the warm red in the video really invites you in.  Despite being my idol and an inspiration, I only found this after his passing, which added such a feel to the video.

Next has to be 'Happiness by the kilowatt' by City and Colour.  Dallas Green's music is so pure and can change your mood.  I listened to so much of him when I was 16 and remembering about his music recently is like listening to him for the first time all over again.  It's amazing.  Especially live songs like happiness by the kilowatt.  You are able to hear so much talent.

Dark was the night, cold was the ground by Blind willie johnson.  I find heard this after it was on a VOX video.  I found out that is was sent up and was on the golden record.  Yet again adding a vibe and a feel to the song.  Entirely filled with guitar, the use of the slide is something I haven't really heard much of before.  You really respect his music and him, for delisted the inability to see, he makes some of the best music I've heard.  The kind of song that would fit a late night drive.

Completely unlike the other songs here, 'In my mind' by Dynoro and Gigi D'Agostino.  I heard this song firs in the gym and felt such a positive feel to the song.  This is a lot more upbeat than the rest of them.  A real summer-y vibe.  None the less I fell in love instantly.  I heard it first in the gym; then the travel home I played it at least three times.

I can't make you love me - Bon Iver

Isn't she lovely - Mac Miller

Happiness by the kilowatt - City and colour

Dark was the night, cold was the ground - Blind Willie Johnson

In my mind - Dyono

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