Flat White (OV) - Returning to university and open mic night - September (2018)

September is almost over, I haven't yet started this post and I'm starting it on the 26th, I've been so busy to get round to blogging.  But, hopefully after my week or so away I'll regain the motivation and create an abundance of content to post.

Anyway, this is my life through September.

Starting off pretty boring and mundane; time was edging closer to the return of university and the inability of not waking up in the afternoon.  I had to remember how to reference and find my campus card.  Now being back, my wake and sleep cycle has never been better.  I'm now being able to sleep before 7am means I can actually see a lot more sunlight.

As the month progressed, it got better, I got a pay rise at work, which really helps since I've been needing to save for a car for quite a while now.  Despite cutting myself with a knife or a broken piece of glass every week, I really love and enjoy my job; the people, the atmosphere, the music, everything.

I've been trying to keep as busy as possible, with going to the gym as much as I can, somedays maybe too busy, like completely moving my room around just to have something a little different.  Taking 6 hours and then going to work made so psychically and mentally exhausted.  So worth it though!

Around mid-September, I got sick of the repetition and toxicity of social media, mainly facebook and snapchat, so I done as best of a social media detox as I could and deleted the apps.  It's hard to be doing a journalism degree at uni, and trying to promote my blog posts so I kept instagram and twitter.  Solely based on the somewhat of a necessity.

The university I attend has its own radio station, doing journalism, I think it would be vacuous to not be a part of it.  I spoke to a few people I know and managed to get a producing job for my own show; It's so exciting, being a part and able to create something and people can listen and hopefully enjoy.  Going nicely into the topic of people listening, I attended an open mic night and was amazing, not the biggest crowd or anything but playing one of my bands in front of an audience was amazing and made me realise how much I miss playing music for people.

                 Watch it here

To slowly end the month, I ran into a gypsy woman and she told me I'm going to end up living in London, and me planning on moving to London for work and to attend uni there saw it as a sign.  Not too sure how reliable she is, but that was a positive experience.  Can only hope I'm not just matching the pieces together.

In the last day or two of the month I had so much responsibility at work, being in charge of money and locking up; and everything else that goes with the role of a manger.  I feel so grown up.  The same night this happened, I was offered an interview with someone from the cast of a theatre show, Wicked.  Now, to think of different, good different, questions.  Possibly influencing my later career.

September has been good to me.  It's been quite chill, but overall been a positive and enjoyable time.  Hopefully every one is like this before the end of the year.

Thank you for reading,
Owen Valente.

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