Flat White (OV) - 10 things I'd tell my 10 year old self

An awful photo of me on the 23rd March 2011

Almost a decade ago, me at 10 was a totally different person in everyday than I am now; as expected. I would love to go back and be able to tell me then some things.

Heres my '10 things I'd tell my 10 year old self'.

1) Popularity doesn't mean as much as you think.

At a young age, life is very much teasing between one another and 'I'm better than you'.  It still is but with growing up it becomes somewhat normality.  At the beginning of puberty, you're so unaware of the real world.

2) Don't stress about the future.

The future is inevitable, you can't get away from it.  There is so much time left in your life to change it. Don't stress about little things.  Life isn't all doom and gloom.  Live in the moment and take every day as it comes.  Don't think so much.

3) Things work themselves out.

Not everything always ends badly.  Sometimes life plays out and ends up being positive.  Life works in weird ways.

4) Somethings can change so fast.

And another horrible embarrassing photo of me
from when I was 11.  That fringe really isn't
You can be doing your worst then out of no where suddenly be doing your best.  Just do you and work hard because hard work definitely pays off.  Sometimes it goes unnoticed but like I said previously things can work themselves out.

5) School can be important, try your best.

Some people can get through life and have an amazing career without the need of school or an education.  Regardless, you'll want to go to university and want to be a journalist.  Try your hardest while you can and get the grades you want.  Find your passions early.

6) You really don't look as good as you thought.

Going pretty well with the photos I added to this post.  I loved my hair, at the time.  Now looking back I realise how bad it was.  If I could I would mention about getting it cut now, I would.  But everyone regrets how they looked when they were young, right?

7) Don't take everything to heart.  

People can be horrible to one another, but don't take it to heart.  A lot of people at that age are the same, but we all grow up and none of the things they say matters.  Peers or someone you associate with aren't being intentional.  Brush it off, it's hard but don't take everything to heart.  

8) Stop planning everything out.

Not everything goes to plan, sometimes that can be a good thing.  Most often there is something a little bit better than the plan can happen.  Little moments and things pop up, not always ruining your day, but adding something extra to it.

9) It's not the end of the wold. 

Having a bad day happens to every one, even people who seem happy constantly.  If something negative or bad does happen; its not the end of the world.  There is always tomorrow or sometime in the near future for the dreams and amazing things you want to happen, to happen.

10) Theres more to life than xbox and TV

Playing xbox and watching re-runs of 'FRIENDS' really seems like a good idea, but theres so much you can do with your life that you are so unaware of.  The world is equally as amazing as it is awful, it would be a huge misfortune to miss out on what the world has to offer. Travel as often and as much as you can, take advantage of every opportunity.

Thank you for reading,
Owen Valente.

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