Black, No Sugar (NM) - Goodbye Foundation Year, Hello First Year!

Today marks the end of freshers week and basically the beginning of my first year (technically second year), I can't believe how fast this has all happened! This post is one of those posts that not many people are going to have an interest in because its a little like a diary/ journal post. However, for those of you that are interested. Read away!!

Semester One:

Semester one was a lot of getting to know people, finding my way around Sunderland and trying to keep my life together. I wasn't missing home half as much as I thought I would and was enjoying being away from home. My lectures were interesting and felt like I was learning a lot of new things. I didn't struggle at all to keep up with all the work and I was actually excited to go to lectures and seminars. 

Freshers week was amazing, I met so many people yet I was still really shy and anxious in social situations. I didn't go out much and spent a lot of time around just my flatmates as this was who I felt comfortable with. 

Towards the end of my first semester, I started to come out of my shell and make some amazing friends and meet loads of new people.

Semester Two:

Going back to after being home for three weeks over Christmas was really hard, I felt more homesick than I had ever felt. That being said, I made what I thought were amazing friends and began to go out a lot more and socialise. I felt good in myself by the middle of the semester and thought that this was what uni was supposed to be like. Meeting new people, drink, spends all night in the library because stuff had been left till the week before because I was too busy enjoying myself.

This didn't last long, I felt like I was losing all control over my own life and was doing everything I could do to please other people and keep them in my life. Towards the end of this semester, I realised that this was beginning to make me unhappy and that the relationships I had with these people were unhealthy.

Final Semester:

The beginning of this semester was a struggle, I felt like I wasn't enjoying uni anymore, felt like I had no one and felt too far away from home. I looked at moving back home and transferring to a uni closer. I kept my head down and got work finished I didn't go out a great deal.

In the middle of this semester, I met what I now would call my uni fam, the people that keep me grounded, know exactly what to say, who I miss far too much when I haven't seen them for a few days. Just absolutely genuine friends! I came home happy but with a heavy heart knowing I couldn't see everyone for a while. I'm now so so so close to being back at uni and seeing everyone every day again! 

This post was supposed to be up ages ago but now I'm just a few days back at uni and I feel like I'm home!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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