Afternoon Tea (NM) - 3 Must See Youtubers

If it isn't music on in the background it's a Youtube video. Lately, I have abandoned the beauty side of youtube and ventured out into all the other categories. I thought it was about time that I shared who my favourite YouTubers are!

The Michalak's

Family vloggers from Bath. They have two children; Grayson and Rufus and go on lots and lots of adventures. Their vlogs are weekly which means it's not hard to catch up if you have missed a few weeks. Their volgs are beautifully shot and show family life as if it were a mini-movie every week.

Gabbie Hanna

I was originally drawn to Gabbie when her transformation video popped up in my recommended. I loved how raw and real that video was,  ever since I have watched her videos and absolutely adore her. 

Jordan Lipscomb

I've loved Jordan for a while now. I'm not entirely sure what category Jordan falls under but I would believe that she is a fashion, lifestyle channel with a little bit of beauty. 

I'm not entirely sure what the layout of this post is going to look like on a phone or tablet so apologies if you are viewing it on anything other than a computer or laptop. I've only chosen three YouTubers as I fell like these three are very different from each other and can be recommended for anyone. I hope you have enjoyed this post!

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