Flat White (OV) - New Job and the End of Uni, July 2018

July has felt like it has dragged on forever; it seems to have never ended, unlike the rest of the year.  A lot has changed this month:  I've recently started my new job at a cocktail and wine bar; also, Kanye, Travis Scott and Mac Miller have released new albums pretty recently. (Some more disappointing than others).  Tyler, the creator and A$AP rocky has released a new song called 'potato salad' which is by far the best song of the year, so far. Despite musically it being a bad few months for music; I've been up to a lot.  I recently saw one of my favourite comedians live.  Paying £11 for two bottles of cider was unfortunate, but to see Jason Manford it was definitely worth the price. Honestly was one of the best nights of my life and I spent it one of my favourite people.  

To celebrate the ending of the first year of uni (with referred work of course because why would your lecturer tell you about all of the work and their submission dates?).  I bought my favourite guitar, a Fender telecaster in an off white with black pick-guard.  Also, because I couldnt resist.  Either way I have a new child to add to the collection.  I got onto the course I want and working in the new bar makes me feel humble and proud.  Mainly of how far I have come in the career path I am currently in; and in just under a year as well.  From asking how a black currant and water is made, to flares and making cocktails with egg whites.  Have to say Im pretty proud of myself on how far I have came if Im honest.
July has had a lot of progress and motivation for me I think. The more: vitamin D, days with friends and less raining depressing night there are, mean I have a lot more ideas for personal projects, revolution has asked me to work for them, I have interviews with radio stations and for social media jobs, asked for photography jobs and I have started my cocktail bar job.  A lot of good things have happened this month which I am very thankful for.  

Feel like I am back (kind of) to writing again, despite deleting posts and having posts not save thanks to BlogSpot. Regardless I am feeling a lot more creative than ever.

Thanks again for reading,
Owen Valente. 

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