Black, No Sugar (NM) - I'm Struggling

I'm going, to be frank with you, this post is probably going to make zero sense and be very much a rambling mess. I have made a bunch of notes before diving straight into this post with the hopes that it makes at least a tiny bit of sense but I very much doubt that is going to happen!

I'm going to lay this post out a little different since this isn't going to be the easiest to understand or have the best of flow.


Lately, I have felt like everything is a struggle and effort to me. I feel a lot more stressed and overwhelmed right now than I did when I was back in uni. So right now I'm just struggling with everything not just blogging. I'm struggling to find the desire to post, struggling to get everything down on paper, struggling to find time for myself. 


I had so so many ideas of what I wanted my summer to consist of; blogging, travelling, friends, family and reading. However, this hasn't happened. I planned on working for two weeks at the beginning of summer but soon began working Monday-Friday but this week is my last week. As much as it has stood in the way (along with a combination of things), I am going to miss it and hope that I can be back next summer only with a lot more preparation and planning around blogging.


Being back home for the summer is shit! I'm missing seeing my uni friends every day and having so many people to go and see and spend time with. Although being home has felt like the end of the world it has also been pretty amazing, I'm seeing my family so much more often and I'm dreading to go back just a little bit since I'm so used to being home and seeing my family every day. 


I haven't had any motivation or desire to blog. I have been treating 'Grab A Cuppa' as if it is my end goal, the magazine. As much as I love 'Grab A Cuppa' I see this being just a hobby and I need to treat this as a hobby and not a full-time job. The end goal is to run a magazine that encompasses all of the things I love; blogging, fashion, advice and celebrity. This is not the end. This is just the begging and I need to remember this and not get too caught up in my posts sounding too casual or not professional enough.  


I have still yet to hear anything at all back from Twitter and the way they are handling the whole situation is unprofessional and disgraceful! In the meantime, I am trying to grow my Instagram and only post on Twitter when necessary. 

A little update! I finally have my Twitter back!!!

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