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This post is something a little different to what I've previously posted. I wanted to start posting for me again and this is a 'for me' post. My blog was always just something for me and then when I tried to take it more serious I lost the personal feel my blog once had so I'm bringing it back. After writing this post I have realised how little 365 words actually is so I am creating this into a little challenge.


My second year will be just about to start; my first year will be completed and I'll have an overall first! I'll be so much more confident in my own writing and have so many journalistic skills and qualities that I will have completed a summer internship at a local newspaper or magazine. I will be writing for the Universities various websites and even be presenting a fashion or lifestyle segment on the University radio. Not only will Uni of helped me with my journalistic and writing skills I'll have more confidence in presenting in front of a group of people and one step closer to presenting at Enterprise Place. I'm at 111 words already!!


I'll have my Twitter back and over 70,000 all-time views while averaging over 300 views a day. My blog posts will have a lot more flow and be an easy read, not just words on a page! I'm hoping to have some collaborations and sponsorships published. I'll have attended some more events and have made some amazing blogging friends. I will find it easy to blog alongside my day to day responsibilities and be chilled out about blogging not really hard on myself. My personal touch will have fully returned and a lot more student posts and fashion posts will be live. 216 words already! HOW?!

General Life

I'll be happy and content and be able to balance life alongside everything else that is thrown at me. Everything will no longer feel like the end of the world and I won't stress out or overwhelm myself by having the need to make everything perfect. My life will have taken the path that it should while I carry on pursuing my dreams and making them a reality. I'm running out of words so fast! 330 already!! 

Magazine Preparation

This section is going to be short and sweet as I have little to no words left! All the ideas that I have will be down on paper and all into little groups for many different projects as there is no possible way they can all fit into one project. I will be preparing a powerpoint to present at Enterprise Place.

After spending far too long deleting, re-wording and editing this post I have finally made the content regarding this time next year to bang on 365 words! This whole post is NOT 365 words, only the italics.

The rules are simple!
- write where you want to be in a years time in just 365 words
- tag the person who nominated you, since this is the first time this challenge has been done I am nominating everyone who reads this post
- tag me
- nominate 3 people

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