No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Prince Harry

Good evening! I have been so so behind on blog posts for the past week or so now and tonight I am seriously struggling to write posts but they have to be done! The real life of a blogger... 
Although I've been struggling to write posts this part one of Harry and Megan has been a post I have been wanting to write for a while. I just can't get my words down onto paper!

Disclaimer:All of these images are taken from Pinterest and I DO NOT own these images! All the images used, including the ones above, belong to their owners. If the owner wants these images to be taken down they will be immediately

I'm starting off Prince Harry's outfits with a pretty casual one or as casual as you can get as a prince. This outfit shows Prince Harry wearing a pair of dark green jeans paired with a white shirt and grey sweater. The shirt and sweater are open at the top giving off a causal vibe yet the fact that he is wearing a shirt keeps the outfit smart and professional. 

This image features both Megan and Harry so I thought It would be an ideal opportunity to comment on the both outfits. Firstly, Prince Harry is seen to be wearing blue smart trousers, tan brogues with a matching belt all paired with a light beige jumper over a white shirt. Although the jumper helps to add a casual vibe to an otherwise smart outfit I feel as though the colour of this jumper clashes with the tan belt and shoes. Megans outfit has a similar concept to Prince Harry's; a jumper with smart trousers to add a casual feel to a presentable, professional outfit. 

This final outfit shows Harry dressed up all posh and smart in a dark navy blue, almost black suit that has a subtle striped pattern to it. The suit is worn with black shoes as well as a dark navy blue and maroon diagonal striped tie. The patterned tie along adds some interest yet doesn't take away from the medals featured on the left hand side of his chest. 

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