No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Maghan Markel

Good evening! Its currently Sunday night, I have the messiest braids you have ever seen, dots of spot cream all over my face and a cup of coffee at hand! I have been such a 'bad' blogger this week, I haven't bothered to write any posts and now I am paying for it... Oops! Although I have been a 'bad' blogger I have had an amazing week spending time with the family and enjoying the weather with a few alcoholic beverages involved! 

Its Monday and I'm not dwelling on last week too much; what's done is done! I hope we have all had a positive Monday with no Monday vibes in sight! I'm starting this week with a No Tea, No Shade because I just couldn't wait to write all about Meghan Markel after I uploaded the Prince Harry No Tea, No Shade
After the longest into ever I think its time to actually get on with the bit we are all here for. However before that I just want to say a little disclaimer.

Disclaimer:All of these images are taken from Pinterest and I DO NOT own these images! All the images used, including the ones above, belong to their owners. If the owner wants these images to be taken down they will be immediately

This image stuck out like a sore thumb amongst all the full glam, gorgeous ball gowns and red carpets on Pinterest which is what caught my attention. Markel is seen wearing an all black outfit with a beige trench coat thrown over the top. The open coat and ripped knees give the outfit a relaxed causal feel, where on the other hand her delicate jewellery and sunglasses create an illusion of time spent thinking about the outfit and piecing it together. 

This second image shows both Meghan and Harry in complimenting outfits. Meghan's off the shoulder tailored midi length dress has been paired with a black suit jacket. Although the jacket seems to go well with the outfit when thrown over the shoulders it could be a little too much of worn properly. Harry is also wearing black and white with a grey suit jacket. The grey not only compliments his outfit but works well with Meghan monochrome outfit also. 

This next outfit should of probably been a glam outfit but I just find Meghan's everyday outfits to be a lot more interesting! If you would like to see a red carpet edition of Meghan Markel either comment below or tweet me. Markel wears a double denim outfit with complimenting navy handbag and contrasting camel coloured coat. This outfit is at the top of my favourites for outfits featured in this post, it gives off a casual vibe vet the unbuttoned shirt and tie shoes add interest. 

I feel as though my No Tea, No Shade posts have been getting a little waffle-y and lets be real no one wants to sit and read through a load of waffle so I have tried to shorten this down a little in hopes its an easier read. 

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Thank you for the continued support!
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