Caramel Macchiato (OV) - Where I Plan To Be In 10 Years

With the ever-changing question of 'What do I want to do with my life?' constantly circling itself around my head; I think I am at the point where I know this is definitely what I want to do.  I hope that in the next decade my photography is definitely something that people will pick up on, and hopefully want to pay me for.  I'm hoping that I will be good and experienced enough to go into shoots for clothing companies and for people’s personal needs such as shoots for their family and weddings.  I have a passion for short films especially like the ones made by people such as Austin Augie.  Austin, being a huge influence on my career path, has made me determined to make photography and filming the career path I’d love to follow.  Despite being a photographer, I would absolve to follow a path into journalism.  With the love, I have for writing on a blog, I’d love to do the same with real life events that I'm interested in, including: news, fashion and music.

Travelling is certainly something that I feel obliged to do.  With the many different cultures and different communities of people around the wold I wouldn't want to miss out on experiencing everything.  I'd love to go to somewhere less fortunate than me, to see what the third world and try to do my little bit and try to help out; might not be the end of negativity in the world but each person I could help would be a life changing opportunity.   Also planning on going to fashion week, going around New York and finding nice coffee shops.  From the modernised places like America and Japan to places like Ghana and Cambodia.  At the end of university, I want to take a year to move away until coming back home to do my master’s degree.  I have no idea where I'd like to go but Amsterdam or New York is without a doubt somewhere to consider. 

I already spoke about it in a previous blog post, but I have a love for tattoos and body modifications. To link in with the previous paragraph on travelling I want to travel to Thailand and to get a (hopeful, if not my back) face or head tattoo.  Not just by anyone but by monks.  I adore the art of where tattooing and imprinting art into your skin came from.  From the simplicity of using a needle on a stick and a small pot of ink.  This is named a 'Sak Yant' tattoo; I've read it is more painful but the humbling experience is something I want to experience and hold for the rest of my life. 
If not in that experience, then one day I hope to have my face and head tattooed, not just anything but something meaningful that can be shown to everyone I meet or walk past.  I have a lot of my tattoos planned but who knows what will change in 10 years, I could have the current ones covered up. 

Now to finish off, the boring things: saving money, mortgages, paying for cars.  I just wish to be successful in the career path I'm trying to follow.  In 10 years a lot can change and a lot can happen; even simple little things that you never want to forget.  I hope these next 10 years are filled with a lot of them, a lot of memories along the way.

Thank you for reading,
Owen Valente.
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