Afternoon Tea (NM) - My Night With Viking and Elouisa Georgiou

Good Evening! 
This time last week I was all dressed up and mingling with loads of different bloggers at the Viking Picture Perfect event! This event was focused around photography and upping our photography skills. 

The night was full of cocktails, snacks and gorgeous company but not a lot of picture taking... I have been trying to write this post since I came back from the event and I just can't seem to get the words down on paper! Its now 5pm today and my fingers are typing at the speed of lightning, I'm sorry in advance if this post is a load of waffling on! 

Before I fully get into this post I just want to make sure that you have seen Mondays post? 

While the event was amazing to meet new people and spend time with likeminded people I feel as though the photograph part of the event wasn't well thought out. The talk that Elouisa gave was amazing and had so so many amazing tips and interesting points about photography that i found to be handy when it came to taking pictures this week. The only thing was that the lay out of the room made if difficult for Elouisa to be stood where everyone could see and hear her. 

After the talk on the fundamentals of photography we then began on workshops which I felt was where everything sort of started going a little down hill... In little groups we were instructed to make our way around different tables such as 'flatlay', 'food photography' and 'lighting'. Each group had been given instructions on what they should do for the table that they started on but as we worked our way around there were no directions on the table meaning it was difficult to carry out each workshop in the 5-10 minuets given. That being said Elouisa tried her very best to get around everyone who had questions and helped as many people as she could but there was 30+ people and only one Elouisa. 

This night ended on a high with cocktails and lots of chatting before heading home for the night. It was amazing to meet so many different bloggers and be ale to talk blogging with someone who understood. 

I want to say a big big thank-you to Viking for having me at the amazing event! I am so grateful for the opportunity and can't wait to do a blog post with all my photography tips that I learnt from Elouisa!! 

This little end bit is beginning to get boring now! However... I am still having soooo many troubles with my Twitter and would be forever grateful if you could give my new account a follow HERE!

Thank you so much for the continued support!
Niamh xo
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