Afternoon Tea (NM) - My Love For Pinterest

Good evening!! I'm changing things up a little bit and going to be doing a little mini set of blog posts writing about the different social media I love and why. Today I am starting with a fairly recent love of mine, Pinterest.

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Disclaimer: ALL the images used through out this post, including the ones above, do NOT belong to me and are images that I have found on Pinterest. All credit goes to their owners and they will be taken down immediately if asked to do so by the owners.  

Pinterest is the one social media that I absolutely love but don't really use it that much for my blog. I find it hard to promote my posts on Pinterest even though it is such a simple site to use. I mainly use Pinterest to discover different ideas and put together different colour palettes. I love how aesthetically pleasing different boards look and how it is easy to organise all different things into little groups. 

I spend hours scrolling through different boards and other peoples accounts to see how they use Pinterest, I feel like this is the only social media that can be beneficial to anyone, blogger or not! I remember having to use this in college for different colour ways and different launches, it was so much more efficient and organised than using google. I now use it as a blogger and just for me really, I create mainly aesthetically pleasing boards while also having a few that give my blog post ideas or even a board for my own blog.

I feel like this post is pretty short since I'm new to Pinterest from a blogger perspective yet I cant wait to explore even more and keep you updated on even more things that I grow to love about Pinterest!

One final thing I know I've said in every post. Would you be able to do me the biggest favour and follow my NEW Twitter HERE, Twitter has unfortunately taken down and deleted my account that had over 5,000 dedicated readers and followers. I have mentioned more about it in my life update post which you can read HERE. 

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