No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Ru Paul

Good evening! My first week of back blogging has been amazing, busy but amazing! I have managed to successfully fit blogging around work and also having some down time which is what I was worried about the most since I'm uploading three times a week. If this stile of post is something that you would like to see more of then I have loads more No Tea, No Shade posts here!

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After the longest introduction EVER, lets get onto the post! Finally! 
Disclaimer: ALL the images used through out this post, including the ones above, do NOT belong to me and are images that I have found on Pinterest. All credit goes to their owners and they will be taken down immediately if asked to do so by the owners.  

I'm starting this post off with the bright pink polkadot number, I find this suit to be completely over the top and far too bright! That being said the bright pink against Ru Paul's deep skin tone works perfectly as does the white shirt and white shoes. I feel as though this look could of been toned down a little by only wearing either the suit pants or the suit jacket but then again this is Ru Paul we are talking about! Toned down and Ru Paul really don't belong in the same sentence! 

The MTV Move Awards saw Ru Paul in a metallic floral suit which I absolutely adore. I feel as though everything is wrong with this outfit even though I love the suit; the lilac shirt is too much of a similar colour to the pattern in the suit but doesn't match which makes it look out of place and the white shoes look even worse than the out of place shirt! The white shoes are not tied in with the look at all and just look as if shoes have been an after thought! I feel like this is a complete shame for this outfit because the suit itself is absolutely stunning! 

Last but not least has got to be my favourite outfit from this blog post. I love the pastel colours and bold patten on the pearl background. Although this suit is also a little metallic I feel as though the white shirt and tan shoes compliment it a lot better than the previous outfit. The pastel colours not only compliment each other but also compliment Ru Pauls tanned skin which makes the colours pop that little more. Although this suit is just as bold as the first image I feel like the pastel colours make the suit feel a little less in your face and more relaxed per say. 

Its finally Friday! I feel like this post has consisted of quite a bit of waffle... oops... I hope you are enjoying all the uploads as much as I am enjoying being back! It feels amazing to have my passion for blogging back! I think I've said that in every post this week... 

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