No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Owen Valente

Good Evening! Another No Tea, No Shade, however, this time I'm having a bit of fun and doing it on now a celebrity but one of my best friends, we joked about me doing him for a No Tea, No Shade because I couldn't think of any other celebrities to do. However, I though meh why not so today this post is a little joke as well as a mini-promotion for Owen, his social media and his blog. He has recently started blogging and dare I say I'm proud, his blog is probably the complete opposite of mine but I promise you wont be disappointed! Go and show him some love!
Disclaimer: All of the images used are taken from Owen's Instagram and have permission to use the images used

It feels so weird talking about my friend like I do with celebrity... going to try my hardest not to make this far to cringe and just ew...

Outfit one is probably my all time favourite outfit, who doesn't love a good patterned trouser? The grey and black works well with the white t-shirt. I feel like the the T-shirt is tucked in a little tight and the sleeves would of looked better with a little turn up on. But overall I love a good patterned trouser and could not resist having this as the first outfit. 

This outfit shows Owens personality off really well. The tan trousers don't take the focus off the motif on the back of the t-shirt. The white socks tie the whole outfit together while I feel like the grey shoes with the black trim look a little out of place but other than that I love this outfit. 

The final outfit is very similar to the previous outfit but I feel like it is put together a lot better this outfit is 99% monochrome. Although I would of preferred a black cap I feel like the burgundy cap doesn't look out of place and goes quite well with all black and white outfit. 

Like usual I tried not to waffle on far too much... or be to harsh (soz owen!) I didn't think it would be this hard to write about someone you know!

Have you seen yesterdays post? The link is here

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