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Good evening! I hope we have all had a good Monday and aren't suffering from Monday vibes too much! Sending all my positive vibes your way if you are. Todays post is going to be a little chatty, diary style post so if this isn't something that you are looking for today I have plenty of other posts on my blog all about fashion and uni, just use the little category button up the top! HOWEVER, if you're just as nosey as me and love a good update style post then there is plenty more where this came from here.

Did you know that this is my second week back blogging? Why not read my Ru Paul No Tea, No Shade?
I am going to dive straight into University since thats what has taken up most of my time the past 9 months. I have had the time of my life! Ive been getting firsts and high 2:1's in my assignments and let me tell you it has been some hard work! These past 9 months have been the most stressful yet the best 9 months of my life. I have met some of the most amazing people, had so much drama, consumed far to much alcohol, missed my family, had fall outs, choose between going out or doing that weeks shopping, pulled too many all nighters in the library, missed lectures, had a couple of shots before a presentation. But all in all I have absolutely loved it! Enjoy these beautiful pictures of my uni fam below!

Since I have been living alone for the past 9 months (well with flat mates), you would think I have this adult-ing thing down to a T but nope, not at all. I have no idea how to budget, I hate doing washing and the shopping, I've had to buy socks because I've been too lazy to wash them all from the bottom of my washing basket oh and I've also opted to buy alcohol and live off pasta for that week instead of doing a proper shop...

Right now, I'm enjoying some much needed family time but missing my uni fam more than anything! It's only been a week since I last seen them, its crazy how seeing a group of people everyday then going 3 months without seeing them! I am definitely going to be back and forward between Sunderland and Middlesbrough through summer.  

We are having another Marron Family Festival this year so I have that to look forward to, I'm even more excited at the fact that my little uni fam are coming and its gonna be a chance for us all to see each other again through the summer since we are all over the place. 

If you followed me on Twitter when I was @niamhyyy99 then it looks like I have just disappeared off the face of the earth since Twitter thought it would be a great idea to take down and delete my account, I am still waiting for a reply back in the hopes of getting it back. I have lost 5,000 dedicated readers and followers... at first I was pretty devastated and I kind of still am because my Twitter has been with me from the beginning as have some of the followers. However, I feel like I am putting a lot less pressure on myself with blogging and just doing it as I please again. 
It would mean the absolute world to me if you could go and follow me over on Twitter, thankyou in advance!

I tried not to make this post too long as I feel like this style post is something not many people enjoy reading but is something that the authors love to read back on. I promise back to fashion posts on Wednesday! Until then I'll be active over on Twitter and Instagram!

Thank you for the continued support!
Speak soon, 
Niamh xo

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