Afternoon Tea (NM) - Where I Thought I would Be At 19

Good evening! I thought I would get a little deep with today's post and talk about what I thought 19 would be like and how much an adult I really am... This is something a little different so I hope you like it! However, if you're not here for the deep, personal posts then feel free to click here and read a fashion related post. 

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At 13 I thought when I turned 19 I would be a proper adult and have all my life put together! Oh was I wrong... Really wrong! I had this idea that I would know exactly what career I wanted and be on my way to achieving it, be in a perfect relationship, have my dream body, be able to manage money and be completely happy. Come to think of it 13-year-old Niamh had a great deal of optimism and thought that life after 18 would be perfect. 

Now, however, 19-year-old Niamh is living her best life! I'm currently working towards a fashion journalism degree (even if I'm not entirely sure this is what I want to do for a living), well and truly single (and loving it!), my dream body isn't quite here just yet but I am working towards it, after 9 months of living alone I still haven't quite got managing money down to a T just yet but its all practice, right? (Who can actually budget anyway?) and finally I'm so happy and having the best time ever, I have met some of the most amazing people and don't ever want it to end! 

I have been really conscious not to waffle on too long because lets be honest it really isn't enjoyable to ready a load of waffle. The only down fall to this is that it is quite short so I hope you aren't too disappointed with todays post. 

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