Afternoon Tea (NM) - June Favourites

Good evening!! ITS FRIIIIDAY! How are we all doing? I can't believe that this month is basically over! I thought I would do a little monthly favourites, I'm not promising these every month but I promise I will try!

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I feel like I should start by explaining my choice of pictures for the title page, I didn't realise how random they looked... 
Picture One - A Weight Watcher pizza wrap, this is my newest favourite food. It takes minuets to make and believe it or not is kinda healthy! Its Morinson's pizza sauce, low fat mozzarella and some pepperoni all spread out on a Weight Watchers wrap as if you were decorating a pizza base. It goes in the oven for 5 minuets then folded into a wrap to eat! Its so simple, not many points and is absolutely gorgeous! 

Picture Two - I didn't know how else to represent spending time with my friends other than the beautiful drunk picture of myself. This month I finished uni but my tenancy at my accommodation wasn't up yet so we basically carried on as if it was freshers and we has an unlimited supply of money. This month I have met some amazing people that I wouldn't change for the world and made some of the best memories! 

Picture Three - These shoes are my newest addition to my vans collection, I couldn't not get them when the Lazy Oaf x Vans collection dropped. I absolutely love them! I already have my eyes on the next pair of vans I'm wanting. This picture also shows off my tanned legs, believe it or not this about a week after I last applied tan. I have been using this tan all month and I wont even go back to my beloved St Moriz. This tan is not only a natural colour but an express tan that can be washed off after as little as an hour, I choose to leave mine on over night for a darker colour. I have just realised I have been that excited that I haven't even mentioned the name. My new baby is Coco Brown, its in Primark and most supermarkets! It is a little more pricey than St Moriz at £6 but well and truly worth it!

One last thing before I call it a night, I would be forever grateful if you could follow my new Twitter HERE since Twitter has taken down and deleted my account with over 5,000 dedicated followers and readers. More on this situation coming in a future blog post so stay tuned! 

Thank you for the continued support!
Speak soon, 
Niamh xo

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