No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Lottie Tomlinson

GOOOD MORNING!! How are we all this morning? I am loving my new scheduled and I'm so happy that i am managing to stick to it. Are we all liking it? Today I am finally writing a NTNS, I love love love writing these but they all seem to be lacking a bit of love lately and my lifestyle posts are becoming my most popular, are you enjoying these posts still?

Lottie has been on my 'hit list' for so so so long! I'm so happy that I am finally getting around to writing about her, I just love her style, it changes so much day to day and I feel like she could pull anything off!

Disclaimer: All the images used in this post do not belong to me. All photographs used will be taken from Lottie's Instagram, if the images need to be taken down please get in touch with me using the social media on the side bar.

Outfit One
Outfit One:
Lottie wore this outfit to the Boohoo and Zendaya event. The 90's vibes coming off this outfit are almost too much to handle! The peach hair compliments Lottie's tanned skin tone and the short bob with space buns add to the 90's feel of the whole outfit. The dress looks absolutely stunning on Lottie's petite frame, the black belt accentuates Lottie's waist and gives her an hour glass figure. The outfit is finished off with a black pair of boots and a black handbag. I feel as though the boots couldn't be more 90's if they tried, the white laces just top the full outfit off. What are you thoughts on the t-shirt under the thin strap dress? I personally love it!

Outfit Two

this outfit has got to be my favourite outfit that Lottie has worn, its so smart yet relaxed. I love how she has dressed a pair or Adidas trousers up with heals and a blazer. Her red lipstick compliments the all black outfit well. I feel like this outfit just screams Lottie, if you follow her on Instagram, you will know that she is all for relaxed comfy clothes, she pulls them off sooo much, I'm sooo jelaous!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I cant wait for you to see more of my NTNS posts that I have coming!

Much love,
Niamh xx

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