Iced Latte (OV) - My Current Tattoos

Without a doubt being raised by people with tattoos and body modifications has a massive impact on my thoughts and opinions on the art.  It is the difference of me being open minded to someone paying extensive amounts of money for someone to put ink in their skin, or hating the full concept and being closed minded.  Hours after turning 18 I had my first tattoo, it was a bee on my lower forearm.  Since then the somewhat expensive addiction started. I got it done by Beth from Nemesis tattoo studio. I was so nervous; shaking both with nerves and excitement it felt like it was over pretty quick.

Long before this (about 10 months) I started stretching my ears and getting to the pretty big size of 26mm in each ear and stretching my second hole to 12m, covering myself in ink is the next step in body modifications.  My second and probably my favourite so far was done by Pixie at studio 23, 18 days after my first.  A little more random and slightly weirder is a ram skull but unlike any normal skull it has 3 eyes.  The placement for this is a couple inches higher than the bee and with this I can see every fine detail every day each time I look down.

Thirdly the one with the least thought of the lot was a walk in on Friday the 13th in 2017.  It is a human skull this time but with pointillism and a 13 on its head.  Easily the least painful so far, with my bee being the worst.  Maybe the nerves didn't help with that.

Lastly, the most meaningful, also being a matching tattoo with my birth giver is a mountain with trees either side.  In the sky I have 6 dots in the shape of Ursa Minor which is 'Little Dipper' constellation.  Personally, I have this on my inner forearm of my left arm, also seeing this every day without fail and reminding me that theres a replica identical with the only change of Ursa Major or the 'Big Dipper'.

I can't wait to get more and cover my body in little pieces of art.  Collect and turn my body into one big mural.  I have so many planned but with the current expense and being a student it doesn't look massively likely.  Definitely in the future.

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Owen Valente.

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