Black, No Sugar (NM) - The Truth About Uni

Good Morning!! Ive been meaning to do this post for a while and now I have finally sat down and started writing it, I feel like its one of my favourite posts!

Before I carry on with this post I want to just put it out there that moving away to uni will be a completely different experience for every one, this is just my personal experience.

  1. Sharing toilets ain't that bad! - We have two toilets in our flat so we split them off into boys and girls which makes the most sense. Pooping with 6 other strangers isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, from a girls point of view I know we all put our music on and take perfume in with us. Its the small things!
  2. Sharing a shower is the worst - I know I clean the shower down and make sure every last trace of my overgrown leg hairs (or pubes, we don't judge here) is gone because I'm considerate of others who have to shower after me. Yet some people feel like its okay to leave clumps of hair and of course pubes ALL OVER the shower, like I'm seriously not exaggerating!
  3. Milk just magically goes missing (oh as well as any condiments you own) - Once your milk, mayo or ketchup enter the fridge it's as if the fridge itself is drinking your milk and eating your condiments because they just magically seem to go down and before you know it you have used a bottle of ketchup and 4 pints of milk in 3 days!! 
  4. You WILL hear your flatmates having sex - not only that but they will also hear you!! 
  5. Being independent is great... Until... you have no clothes left in your wardrobe because you're too lazy to do washing and all you have left in your cupboard in a tin of soup that you don't even like because going shopping is too much of an effort.
  6. You will cry - because you miss home, because you're sleeping pattern is all over and you're over tired, because being an adult is hard, because you've procrastinated to the last minuet, you will cry just because
  7. Your flat will always have people you don't know in - yep, when your bottom floor of a block your flat is suddenly the meeting place for what feels like the whole bloody block! 
  8. Getting read for uni soon becomes putting a hoodie on over your pyjama top and putting a pair of jeans on, the first week everyone is done up with make-up and neat hair. By the end of first semester you begin to wonder if people are actually still in their pyjamas!
  9. You will argue with your flat mates and I mean argue!
  10. Alcohol is always around... but the same clubs every week gets boring so you will loose interest.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what experiences you have had at uni! Also let me know if you're going to be going to uni in September!

Much love,
Niamh xx

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