Black, No Sugar (NM) - My Ultimate Dream/Goal

Good morning my loves, as you are all aware I haven't posted for nearly 2 full months... I'm sorry!! A times like this it would really pay off to follow me on Twitter as I tend to keep my followers up to date on everything that's going on.

I can't believe how much I am struggling to write a blog post right now, it feels like a lifetime since I sat down and put my thoughts, opinions, feeling and random ramblings down onto paper (a screen?). Even though I have been pretty much completely off the grid for the whole of January and a little bit active in February I can't thank the support I have received off you all. At the time of writing this I am just over 100 followers away from 5k, it all seems so surreal. This time last year I could only dream of them numbers. As much as I could ramble on forever about how shock and thankful I am about everything its about time I actually start writing about what this post is about! Get some snacks and tea because this is going to be a looooong long post!

After spending a full month away from Twitter and blogging I feel like my ultimate dream/goal is a lot more clear and set in place now. 

I want my own business.

It seems crazy actually writing this down, I've played about with the idea in my mind, have a sort of ideal time line of how I hope its going to happen but never actually wrote anything down. So I don't just want a business in anything, I want to create my own magazine. A fashion and lifestyle magazine for 18-22 year olds, people who are still too young to really appreciate ELLE or vogue. I want it to be mature and sophisticated but focused around real life and inclusive for all types of people. 

So... The timeline

Now - 2021
Studying for my degree and blogging regularly. 

2021 - 2026
Working for my magazine and collecting all the knowledge I need to create my own magazine. while also growing my social media following and still blogging. 

2026 - 2031
Carrying on working for a magazine while starting to plan and put together my own magazine. 

It doesn't seem like a great deal to of hopefully happened in 14 years but as much as I want this dream to become a reality I am trying not to be far too ambitious. Im hoping to have my business set up a magazine published by the time I am 30 which would be 2029. 

What are your dreams and goals?

Much love,
Niamh xx

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