Afternoon Tea (NM) - Year Goals March Revisit

Good Morning all!! Today is a little bonus post for you where I'm going to be looking back at my yearly goals and see what progress I have made... If any.

I had set weight loss and fitness goals but we're just going to ignore that because lets be honest we all knew be ing at uni I couldn't stick to that! 

Blogging Goals:
  1. Upload 95 blog posts (January - November) So far I have only uploaded 9... I thought I had way way way more than that!! Oops!! Hopefully I can get some extra posts uploaded in the summer! 
  2. Take part in blogmas As crazy as it sounds I have started to plan some posts for blogmas so I'm totally rooting for myself to do it this year!
  3. 73,000 over all views I am currently on over 27,000 views so I'm getting there!!

Social Media Goals:
  1. Hit 12,000 followers on Twitter I have recently hit 5,000 on Twitter so my followers is going in the right direction! 
  2. Hit 2,000 followers on Instagram I have just hit 1,000 on Instagram so I think that 2,000 is do-able by the end of the year!
  3. Post on Instagram regularly I was mostly only active on Instagram at the beginning of the year as I just didn't have the motivation to blog or even go on Twitter
  4. Tweet everyday  As of march I have been tweeting everyday!! 
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