No Tea, No Shade (NM) - Rita Ora

Good morning my loves! I have been on a roll today, this is the 3rd post I'm writing and scheduling! Yes I am an organised picture perfect blogger right now! I have just realised I have completely forgot to mention that my new schedule for this year is a Wednesday and a Sunday at 10am.

Disclaimer: As always the images used in this post are from Rita Ora's Instagram and I don't own any of them, all rights go to Rita Ora and if asked I will take this post down. I am by no means going out of my way to be nasty or spread hate about Rita Ora, this series is something that I enjoy doing and do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings.

For the new year I have decided to change things up a little but to keep these posts more interesting so with Rita Ora I am going to be doing 2 outfits and 2 makeup posts. Let me know in the comments below if you think I should do more of my NTNS posts this way or just go back to how I have been doing them.

Outfit One
Outfit One:
When I first seen this outfit on Rita Ora's Instagram I was a little taken back, I couldn't quite work out what the outfit was made up of. However, after looking through the selection of pictures that are up on Instagram I have came to a conclusion that it is a pair of black skinny jeans with a leather brief type thing over them. I think this is kind of strange and don't understand why something like this would be put over jeans, but in her defence it actually looks good. The shoes help tie the leather briefs in and the white slouchy tee stops the outfit from being too over the top. Although the shoes compliment this outfit well I feel like plain black boots would have worked a little better. Yet I feel like this was purposely done to add a focus point of the outfit rather than it being not very exciting.

Outfit Two
Outfit Two:
This outfit is the complete opposite of the previous outfit; it's loud, in your face and bold. I absolutely love it! I want to say that it is a snake skin patterned two-piece with a leopard print jackets over the top yet I could be completely wrong. However, the colours in the two-piece and jacket really compliment Rita Ora's skin tone and hair. I feel like bold, statement outfits is something that she pulls off really well. Personally I have always been a 'don't layer patterns' type of person yet I feel myself loving this outfit even though it is pattern on pattern. The matching colours help the two patterns work together but they don't blend together too much to the point of not being able to see them. I find the black jewellery and nails to compliment the outfit and not take any focus away from the two-piece and jacket. 

Make-up One
Make-up One and Two:
I feel like Rita Ora is experimental and daring with her outfits yet doesn't really experiment with her makeup. The makeup that she wears tends to enhance her natural features or add a little colour. In Make-up One the make-up is used to add colour and a glow the her skin and eyes yet it isn't bold or too noticeable. The subtle purple eye shadow is a barely there colour, this helps her make-up to look fresh and light while also complimenting her outfits and not taking any of the focus away from them. The loose, messy beach-y waves help the effortless vibes of this look and again don't take any focus away from what her outfit would be. In my opinion I feel like a heavy 'full glam' look would look out of place on Rita Ora's skin and take away from her naturally youthful and pretty face.
Make-up Two
However, in Make-up Two, her make-up looks a little heavier yet still isn't really too bold or heavy, it again is enhancing her natural features, the only thing that makes this look a little more dramatic and glam is her bolder eyebrow and the tighter curls. In my opinion I feel like a defined brow and tight curls can make any makeup look or outfit look a lot more glam and dress that it actually is. The lip colour used looks stunning against Rita Ora's skin tone, I feel like its the perfect shade for her. 

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Niamh xx

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