Afternoon Tea - The Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Christmas-y Night In (AD)

Good morning my loves! I know that its only November but CHRISTMAS!!! It is so close!! I like to be honest with you (my readers and followers) so before I go any further I want to make a disclaimer to say I have been approached by Panasonic to write a post for them around their shiny brand new TV Oled 4K TV Panasonic. Instead of waffling on about how amazing this TV looks I thought I would do the ultimate guide to a perfect Christmas-y night in!

So now the disclaimer is out the way we can get onto the juicy, best bits!

What You Need:
  • Oled 4K TV Panasonic
  • Netflix, Disney Life and as many Christmas DVD's you can find!
  • Scooby snacks (crisps, chocolate, popcorn)
  • Friends and/or family
  • Fairy lights 
  • Blankets and pillows, lots of them!
  • Hot chocolate, or peppermint hot chocolate if you're feel extra festive
  1. Hang the fairy lights and grab all the blankets, duvets, pillows and cushions you can find. Either spread them out on the floor, create a blanket fort or just create a sea of blankets and pillows on your bed. Set all of these up in front on the TV
  2. Grab your family, friends and loved ones, cuddle up in the blankets and pillows, enjoy each others company and just spend time with one another. 
  3. Pop the popcorn, heat up the hot chocolate and grab the rest of your Scooby snacks. 
  4. If it was me, I would probably start with Disney Life because lets be completely honest here. No matter how old you are you are never too old for a Disney classic, especially at Christmas!
  5. Netflix has got to be next, it just gets 10 times better at Christmas time! There are so many Christmas films on Netflix at this time of the year; classics, new, old, rom coms, musicals, the lot!
  6. Finally, DVD's. In my family nothing screams Christmas than digging out the old Grinch and Polar Express DVD's. 
I hope this post has gotten you all super excited for Christmas even it is is well over a month away. Christmas is just an exciting time! I want to say a big thank you to Panasonic for giving me this amazing opportunity. 

Much love,
Niamh xx

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