No Tea, No Shade - Khloe Kardashian

Glasses on, up to date on reading and assignments, free day and I'm ready for a day of bulk writing some posts. Before I dive straight into the post can we just discuss season one of river dale in the comments?! Im currently watching it for a few days now and I am completely obsessed! Let me know what you think of it down below. 
Khloe is probably the Kardashian that I don't really keep up with or follow on Instagram. After doing my research for this post I am regretting it so much, Khloe is slowly becoming my favourite Kardashian.

Disclaimer: I am by no means going out of my way to be nasty or spread hate about Khloe Kardashian, this series is something that I enjoy and do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings. All these images belong to Khloe.

Outfit One:
This outfit is so casual and looks  as if it has just  been thrown on without any thought . However, the red  brings out Khloe's  colouring and compliments her hair and make up well.

Outfit Two:
This dress is an absolute gorgeous fit, it hugs her figure perfectly. Although I love the dress and the fit the cut of the hem looks a bit strange. The dainty jewellery works well with the simple press and adds something to the whole outfit without taking away from the simplicity. As well as the jewellery the wet beauty hair also works well with dress. I feel like this outfit is amazing and all the pieces fit perfectly together.
Outfit Three:
This outfit is my favourite out of the three. This is not only because I love an all black outfit but because an outfit that could potentially be a pretty standard, casual outfit  is a sexy , put together outfit. I feel like the sheer shirt makes this outfit what it is and the accessories and makeup  continue to add to the vibe the outfit is trying to give up.

Much love,
Niamh xx

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