Grab A Cuppa (NM) - How To Stay Motivated

Good morning all! Right now I'm in one of the best moods and singing more than I am writing... Oops!! One last thing before we dive straight into the post that you have all been waiting for, big big apologies if this is late I am probably going to have the biggest hangover in the morning. Tonight is the night of the big halloween pub-crawl! This post sort of goes hand in hand with my Procrastination post so check that out also. 
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The biggest tip I love is to find a place in which you feel comfortable but can also get a lot done. This means no laying in bed to read a chapter! I know your bed is comfortable but your bed should be recognised with sleep, not work. This is also a tip to help you sleep better. Its worked wonders for me and my horrendous sleeping pattern. I find the library to be my first option yet when the days I just really can't be arsed to get ready and go to the library I find sitting out in the kitchen/living area works best as when I'm sat in my room I tend to find other things to do and procrastinate. 

Always, always set goals, no matter how small they are. I find writing a weekly to-do lists and splitting up between the week helps me to stay motivated. I aim to do around 3-5 tasks a day depending how time consuming they are. Splitting down bigger goals into smaller tasks will help you to stay motivated and stop you form coming into a block and not being able to get anything done. 

I find that taking control of what you can and trying to ignore the things that can be taken control of helps a lot, it stops you from dwelling on the things that are playing on your mind as well as helping you toward through the tasks without going off track. 

Finally, the most important tip is to always stay positive! A positive attitude makes you feel pretty invincible!

This post is pretty short but I hope it helps everyone struggling with deadlines and staying motivated for uni or college.

Much love,
Niamh xx

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