No Tea, No Shade - Kourtney Kardashian

Hi! I hope you have had a good week and are having a nice lazy Sunday! At the time of writing this, I should really be packing and getting ready for the big move which was yesterday for you guys. However, I've decided to get ahead on blog posts now that I have a schedule and hopefully have enough to see me through the first few weeks of uni. I'm hoping to get settled in and survive freshers week before I start worrying about blog posts and uni deadlines. 

It's now Sunday on the second week of teaching and although I have literally no idea what is going on or how the hell I am going to pass my first year never mind 4 years I am finally (fingers crossed) in a routine and back to posting regularly. However, I am dropping down to only one post a week as I feel like I need to prioritise my studies more than my blog even though this is my dream. Ultimately blogging is my dream but so is being the next editor of ELLE or vogue or even publishing and creating a brand new fashion magazine for people of a plus size. I will speak to you all next Sunday and on Twitter through the week so don't forget to follow me there, link is at the very bottom of the page.
Today I am going to be discussing the style and outfit choices of Kourtney Kardashian. If I am being brutally honest I find Kourtney's style to be boring and not adventurous at all. However, some people could say the same thing about me so it is all just a matter of opinion. If Kourtney feels good in what she is wearing I feel like that is all that matters. 

Disclaimer: I am by no means going out of my way to be nasty or spread hate about Kourtney Kardashian, this series is something that I enjoy and do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings. All these images belong to Kourtney.

Outfit One:
This outfit is a typical, casual outfit that compliments Kourtney's figure and also her sporty personality well. Kourtney is known for being short and petite, however, I feel like this outfit gives Kourtney the illusion of longer legs.
Outfit Two:
I find the idea of this outfit to be a feminine and sexy outfit yet it was not pulled off correctly. The light denim jeans do not go well with the gold blazer or the gold bralette, however, I feel like it could be the undertone and colour of the blazer that puts the whole outfit off. If the blazer was a silver or even a black then the light jeans would go perfectly. 
Outfit Three:
This is my favourite outfit that I have featured in this post and I feel like it looks absolutely stunning on Kourtney. The cut and length of the dress compliments Kourtneys figure perfectly. The sleeve detail adds interest to an otherwise plain dress. The pink shoes make this outfit even more girly and delicate than what the outfit was already.

All the love,
Niamh xx

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