No Tea, No Shade - Kendall Jenner

It feels like it has been forever and a day since I last updated when in reality it has only been 5 days! I'm thinking of making a schedule again because I know for a fact without a schedule I won't make time to write posts and upload when I get to uni. Having a schedule will help me to keep my posts regular. SO, from now on I am uploading Wednesday at 7 PM and Sunday at 10 AM (hopefully!!) I think this has been the longest introduction paragraph I have ever written so I'm going to stop my rambling and actually get on with discussing the style and outfit choices or the one and only Kendal Jenner. 

Disclaimer: I am by no means going out of my way to be nasty or spread hate about Kendall Jenner, this series is something that I enjoy and do not intend to hurt anyone's feelings. All these images belong to Kendall. 

Kendall sits at the top spot for my favourite Jenner/Kardashian, her style is unique and fashionable yet can also come across as being outside the box. 

Outfit One:
I'm going make a pretty bold statement and say this outfit is inspired by the Bugsy Malone, 1970's, flapper girl era yet I would say it shouts out to be more of a take on a tradition male outfit from that era. I absolutely love it! The silk cross-over dress that almost looks like a long suit jacket and the sock boots work so well together and the hat just adds a playful element to the outfit. Although the statement jewellery compliments the whole outfit, it would look a lot better with simple minimal jewellery or none at all.
Outfit Two:
This outfit is one of the safest outfit choices Kendal features on her instagram. I find this outfit to compliment her figure perfectly, I think this mainly has something to do with the wide zig zag detail sitting on her waist, this helps give a more hourglass illusion. Although this outfit is really pretty the fit of the dress looks a little off in the boob area but I'm not entirely sure if this is just the angle that she is sat at. What are your thoughts?

Outfit Three:
I found it quite difficult to find outfit posts that were not underwear or bikinis so this one is quite difficult to see but from what I can see, I love it! To me, this outfit looks like a red and white striped blazer worn with cropped flare trousers and a pair of trainers. Although I love this outfit I feel like it does nothing for Kendall's figure.

Sending hugs, love and tea to you all,
Niamh xx

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