Black, No Sugar - Freshers Week, Flatmates and Foam Parties

Guys! Again it feels like a lot longer than it has since I uploaded. Enjoy this good old update style post for tonight and then by Wednesday I am back with my new schedule mentioned in this post.
If you have read my previous Black, No Sugar post then you will know all about me getting into uni It's now the Sunday following Freshers week and I'm sitting down to finally get a post up on my blog. No I didn't die! 
Instead I...
Met my gorgeous flat mates
Learned how to play ring of fire, DON'T DO IT!
Got drunk, far too drunk...
Got covered in paint and foam
Cried some more 
Had a cozy day 
Ultimately made the best memories ever and I can't wait to make even more!! 

Sorry it is short, Wednesday I'm back with a No Tea, No Shade post at 7PM

Much Love,
Niamh xx

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