Afternoon Tea (NM) - Blogosphere Review

Hello, my gorgeous readers. I cant believe another week has already gone by! This week I am going to be discussing blogosphere. The magazine is described as
"A 164-page whopper of a publication, which includes exclusive interviews with stand-out social media stars, how-tos, advice columns and blogging-focused features – all of which are complemented with beautiful photography and illustrations. It’s an offline guide to the online world."

This isn't wrong! I got my hand on my first ever copy of Blogosphere when my boyfriend bought me it towards the end of July. The magazine is printed on high quality paper and I would say that it feels a lot more sturdy and luxurious than a Elle magazine. 
At £6 this magazine does sit in the pricier range but I would say it is 100% worth the price. The first thing I noticed was that every other page isn't an advert, in-fact, there are no adverts in it what so ever! It is 100% content. I found the layout to be easy to navigate and read, it is a magazine that flows whether read it page by page or read it in a miss-match order.

Another thing that stood out to me a lot is the beautiful photography, no matter what it is the photographs look as if they have taken a lifetime to create. The featured blogger or vlogger on the front takes pride of place in the magazine yet it does not overshadow the other content.

Although I am not a super fan of Louise (the featured blogger) I have followed her on social media for a while and watch her videos every so often. I found the feature spread to be 100% true and unfiltered as well as being very informal which I loved. As this is my first issue I am not sure if all the feature stories are like this or if it was just the vibe that Louise was wanting to give up.

The magazine also cover current blogging or social media issues. This current issue covers the Instagram Shadow ban.
"Shadowbanning, also known as stealth or ghost banning, refers to blocking a user from an online community without them knowing."
"Shadowbans exist to detect users from a certain behaviour (spamming, inappropriate or abusive) or from using bots or auto-posting software."
This is just a snipped of the 2 page spread that share tips to help you to avoid shadow banning and more information on what shaddowbanning is.

In conclusion, I have fell completed head over heals in love with this magazine. I would recommend this to all bloggers, up and coming or established! In my opinion blogging is just one big learning opportunity that is forever changing. This magazine is a one stop for all things blogging and promotion.

I hope you enjoyed this post,
Speak soon,
Niamh xx

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