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My returning readers will know that I have been accepted back into art college to finish my Fashion and Textiles qualification and this post is probably going to be the start of a series all about college. If you're new then catch up on all my update style posts here.
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When I went to my meeting at the art college I was told about what the topic would be for returning, so far I have done nothing at all with this information but today I was feeling motivated and excited to get stuck in. After a long long time search for a cute notebook that has a margin and found none, I thought that this would make an amazing series on my blog. So here I am on a Sunday evening starting this all new series! I hope you enjoy it!

If you haven't noticed the topic for my first project is going to be decay. At first, I couldn't decide whether I liked the idea of this or not... To me, it just seemed kind of boring, no matter what I searched they all had something in common: boring brown colour schemes. 
All images are found on Pinterest under the "Decay" search, all rights go to the owners of the images.

Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with the brown, rusty, orange tones it's really just not my style. I'm into girly pinks and soft colours, so the colour was one of the main reasons this topic really wasn't something I would have picked. However, I stumbled onto the Alexander McQueen collection and while it isn't all pinks and soft colours the style, silhouette and pops of colour in this collection are just completely stunning!

This collection was launched for Spring/Summer 2010 and was called the Plato Atlantis and I am pretty much in love! It is just absolutely stunning! Since it is now 9:16 pm and I am by no means organised for work tomorrow I'm going to pick this back up tomorrow with discussing different pieces of the collection.

I'm back in a Tuesday evening ready to show you this amazing collection! The collection does not claim to have anything to do with decay, however, the patterns are similar to those of decaying leaves or flowers. Plato Atlantis was the final collection that Alexander McQueen completed before he died and is said to be his most iconic collection.

This is my favourite piece and the only piece I am going to be discussig. I just love the look of a tailored piece taken and changed into something glamourous and girly. Nothing says girly more than a body-con dress! The soft muted grey blends perfectly with the pop of mint green and navy blue, the colour combination reminds me of a beach or paradise sort of place.

This piece has inspired me to look further into decay on beaches or how distructive water can be. I am hoping to have a colour theme linked with blues, greys and maybe a rust colour thrown in as contrast. When I return to college I am going to dedicate a full page to beaches and water.

Let me know if you like this style and want to see more of them in the comments below.

Speak soon,
Niamh xx
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