Grab A Cuppa (NM) - Is He/ She Worth It (Revisited)

As a request by my lovely followers on Twitter I am going to be revisiting "Is He Worth It?"

I wrote the original post back in 2015 I was Sixteen... What did I even know about love at that age? What do I even know about love at this age? It is very easy to be blinded by feelings and attraction but it is important that you take a step back to think about whether or not they are worth your time and effort.

You're all amazing and not everyone is going to be able to see that, some might take your niceness as a weakness, some might take your love for granted where others may frown upon your quirky habits or traits. It is important you love yourself and not let anyone change you or manipulate you to be their perfect lover. 

  1. Do they make an effort to text you? - If you text all day every day, great. If you text every day, also great. If you don't get a response for hours on end and then you get a really bad excuse, not great.  I am not telling you that our crush is not worth it because you don't seem to text often or because they do also more than just text you. However, if you feel like you are fighting for attention or you feel like you are bothering them then this is your first red flag. They have no time for you and are not putting as much effort in, what is stopping your crush from dropping a quick "I'm going to be busy today" or "I don't think I can talk much" text.  Your greatest fear should never be will I get a reply today, this shows that in the back of your mind you know that it is possible for this to happen at any time and is not something a healthy relationship should be based on. Work and other big commitments such as studying are obviously a valid reason. 
  2. Do they only compliment you based on superficial things such as looks? - While a cheeky you're beautiful or you look gorgeous today comment can make your stomach do back flips and your face turn into a tomato are these comments something they really mean or just something that is sort of said when you're talking to a lover? However, being complimented on something such as your personality or your intelligence means something so much more. Being complimented on your looks can be nice and can also be genuine but different compliments stand out. I feel like I worded this horrendously but I hope you sort of get it...
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  3. Does your opinion matter to them? - Ending up on dates that are one sided and you hate yet your crush loves isn't fun at all. Your opinion about dates should matter and you should never be on a date that you hate. Dating is supposed to be fun for both side of the party and your opinion matters. Some dates are going to be better suited to you than others but as long as both you and your crush are taking one for the team and going on dates that the other likes more than you then both of your opinions are being taken into account. 
  4. Do you feel uncomfortable around their friends? - Feeling uncomfortable around their friends because of the way they act or the way they talk about certain topics is not a good sign. The way your crush acts could be overlooked because of your feelings. Their friends are the perfect example of what you crush is really like. However, being shy around their friends is a completely different story, they can make you feel welcome and you can be shy but feeling uncomfortable is very different to being shy. 
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I feel like this a really short but also such a ramble-y post but I hope it sort of made sense and is a lot better than my previous post. I want to say a big thankyou to my lovely boyfriend for "editing" this post for me. My new chief editor!

Speak soon,
Niamh xx
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